• 🔉 Screenshot sound will now respect CleanShot's settings when the integration is enabled
  • Added support for control+click to be recognized as right-click
  • Fixed Figma integration
  • Improved compatibility with macOS 13.0
  • Improved compatibility with macOS Ventura
  • Changed minimum system version to macOS 10.13
  • Added option to disable snapping in Guide and Area tools by holding ⌘ Command key
  • Added option to toggle screenshot padding by holding ⌥ (alt/option) when taking a screenshot
  • Improved compatibility with Figma
  • Minor fixes and improvements
  • Improved compatibility with CleanShot X
  • You can now start PixelSnap with right-click on the menu bar icon
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements
  • 🧲 Distance tool can snap to guides and selected objects now
  • 📐 Added option to display aspect ratio
  • Guide tool will now work with Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD and Affinity integrations
  • New preferences icons on macOS Big Sur
  • Added option to show width/height indicators
  • Improved compatibility with macOS Monterey
  • Many small bug fixes and improvements
  • Improved compatibility with macOS Big Sur
  • New app icon
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Fixed bug with Figma integration when using Full-Screen mode
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements
  • 🔌 Added Figma and Affinity integrations – Get correct dimensions regardless of the displayed zoom level!
  • Minor bug fixes
  • 📐 Implement showing the distance between a guide and the edges of the screen
  • Bug fixes
  • ⌨️ Added option to disable global hotkey in selected apps
  • Fixed bug with inaccessible preferences on macOS Big Sur
  • Improved copy to clipboard compatibility with other apps
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added support for F1, F2, ... keys in keyboard shortcuts
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added 🧽 Clear all feature to clear all measurements
  • Added dark mode support to the onboarding
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fix macOS Catalina permission bug
  • Minor bug fixes
  • 🔇 You can now disable screenshot sound in the app preferences
  • Improved 🇷🇺 Russian localization (Thanks to our awesome user - Dmitry!)
  • Minor improvements
  • PixelSnap now speaks 🇨🇳 Chinese, 🇯🇵 Japanese, 🇫🇷 French, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇮🇹 Italian and 🇷🇺 Russian!
  • Fixed bug with Adobe XD integration
  • Fixed crash in certain scenarios
  • Fixed bug with CleanShot integration
  • Fixed bug with Freezing screen and Background Mode
  • Fixed bug with Freezing screen on macOS High Sierra
  • Fixed bug with detecting distance in some cases
  • Minor improvements
  • 🖥 Background Mode - The guides and measurements will stay on the screen when PixelSnap becomes inactive
  • 🖼 Screenshots padding - Create perfectly aligned screenshots with a padding added to your selection, you can adjust it in the Preferences
  • Improved opening easy access context menu
  • Fixed bug with preventing mac from sleep
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Minor improvements
  • ✨ Completely rewritten from scratch, the new version provides a truly magical experience. Measuring things has never been faster or more enjoyable!
  • Check out 30+ changes
  • Fixed bug when the app crashed after measuring bottom edge of a screen.
  • 💎 Sketch app support - Get correct dimensions based on the zoom level (Can be enabled in Preferences)
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug when using Alt-Tab shortly after copying a screenshot
  • 📏 Crosshair mode - Easily check alignment of objects (Press Shift ⇧)
  • ✋ You can now move the rectangle around the screen by pressing Shift ⇧ and dragging it
  • Added SASS clipboard format
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements
  • ❄️ Freezeing screen - You can now measure moving objects and keep windows active!
  • 🖥 More precise measuring on retina display
  • 🎛 Copy screenshot to clipboard by pressing C
  • Fixed lag when switching between displays
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • 📸 Introducing screenshots - You can now save selected area as a screenshot!
  • 📐 Added options to adjust tolerance modes
  • Fixed bug with adding application to login items on High Sierra
  • Fixed bug preventing the application from launching
  • Fixed bug with external display on High Sierra
  • Fixed bug with High Sierra screen artifacts

Nuove funzioni

  • Guide scattabili
  • Mantieni la distanza sullo schermo
  • Misura oggetti multipli
  • Integrazione CleanShot
  • Integrazione con Adobe XD
  • Strumento per catturare screenshot delle misurazioni
  • Personalizza tutte le scorciatoie
  • Aggiunto tutorial di introduzione
  • Supporto per Touchbar
  • Seleziona l'oggetto senza scattare (con trascinamento a destra)
  • Sposta il rettangolo premendo Spazio
  • Trova le dimensioni premendo l'icona nel vassoio
  • Supporto per Mojave
  • Ridimensiona gli screenshot della retina a 1x
  • Nascondi l'icona dalla barra dei menu
  • Mostra/Nascondi unità
  • Mostra/Nascondi cursore
  • Contrasto automatico


  • Completamente riscritto da zero
  • Misure molto più veloci
  • Miglioramenti UI e UX
  • Integrazione dello schizzo migliorata
  • Supporto retina migliorato
  • Annulla la selezione di un oggetto premendo Esc
  • Processo di attivazione migliorato
  • Icona della barra dei menu più piccola

Correzioni di bug

  • Bug risolto con risoluzione del grande schermo
  • Bug risolto con l'invio di schermate tramite Apple
  • Bug risolto con cursore mobile tramite frecce
  • Bug risolto con selezione di piccoli oggetti
  • Bug risolto con screenshot retina
  • Risolto cursore sfocato su Mojave
  • Risolto lo spostamento/ridimensionamento dei limiti dello schermo
  • Risolti problemi di memoria
  • Altre correzioni di bug minori