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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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5 stars out of 55.0
According to Product Hunt

New version. Better experience.

PixelSnap 2
is up to 2x faster

Completely rewritten from scratch, the new version provides a truly magical experience. Measuring things has never been faster or more enjoyable!

Check out 30+ changes

Version 2
Version 1

Time required to detect and measure an object


New Features

  • Snappable guides
  • Hold distance on the screen
  • Multiple object measurement
  • CleanShot integration
  • Adobe XD integration
  • Screenshot tool for taking screenshots of measurements
  • Customize all shortcuts
  • Added onboarding tutorial
  • Touchbar support
  • Select object without snapping (with right drag)
  • Move rectangle by pressing space
  • Find dimensions by pressing dock icon
  • Mojave support
  • Downscale retina screenshots to 1x
  • Hide the icon from the menubar
  • Show/Hide units
  • Show/Hide cursor
  • Auto contrast


  • Completely rewritten from scratch
  • Much faster measurements
  • UI & UX improvements
  • Improved Sketch Integration
  • Improved Retina support
  • Cancel selecting an object by pressing esc
  • Improved activation process
  • Smaller menubar icon

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with big screen resolution
  • Fixed bug with sending screenshots via Apple
  • Fixed bug with moving cursor by arrows
  • Fixed bug with selecting small objects
  • Fixed bug with retina screenshots
  • Fixed blurry cursor on Mojave
  • Fixed moving/resizing out of screen bounds
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Other minor bug fixes

Works everywhere. In every app.

PixelSnap works on the whole screen, across all apps, and you can measure anything.

Measure distance

Quickly get the distance between any elements on your screen

Hold dimensions on the screen

Copy to clipboard

Measure objects

Instantly find the boundaries of any object by simply dragging an area around it

Magically snaps to the object

Measure multiple objects at once

Add snappable guides

Check alignment by adding horizontal and vertical guides on the screen

Displays distance between guides

Snaps to screen elements


Take screenshots

Export your measurements as an image and easily collaborate with others

Save selected area

Integrated with CleanShot

Crosshair mode

Instantly check alignment of all the items on your screen

Tolerance mode

Adjust tolerance to work with shadows and low contrast elements

Keyboard shortcuts

Set a global hotkey and adjust all other shortcuts to your needs.

Change appearance

Choose between light and dark mode and adjust the colors.


Our app is incredibly fast and offers high performance!

Retina ready

The app supports Retina and works with multiple displays.

We support your Touch Bar

Accessing crucial actions has never been easier.

Integrates with your favorite tools

PixelSnap shows real dimensions regardless of the displayed zoom level.


Affinity Suite

Adobe XD



Our users love PixelSnap. Here's what they are saying:

5 stars out of 55.0
According to Product Hunt

A tool that measures screen elements seems too basic to improve on. However, PixelSnap 2 adds features I didn’t even know I needed. An incredible aid to my workflow and definitely worth the upgrade.

Paul Boag, Smashing Magazine

Wonderful tool for quickly taking measure of just about anything. I especially love the functionality of snapping a rectangle around an object of your screen. Super handy!

Richard Blechinger, Freelancer developer

PixelSnap is the missing ingredient in the toolkit of any UI engineer or designer. I use it multiple times each day and can't imagine a Mac without it. Speed up your workflow with this high quality app, you won't regret it!

Wojtek Witkowski, Rainbow

Super clever idea and very much needed tool in the world of UI designer. Honestly, it exceeded my expectation, flawless in every way.

Eddie Lobanovskiy, Unfold Agency

I've been working primarily on web products for the last 3 years where being able to reliably measure things on the screen is such an underrated need. PixelSnap does that so well and is now low-key my favorite utility app.

Hardik Pandya, Google

PixelSnap has been such a great tool for quickly spot checking size & space when working closely with a development team. I really appreciate its ability to maintain scale when zooming on an object in Sketch, and being able to grab individual items into a screenshot after snapping.

Kevin Smith, Cisco

PixelSnap is one of those apps that, once you see it, you're like OMG that's the best idea ever. Instant purchase for me.

Chris Coyier, CodePen


Take measuring to the next level!

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